Urbanixm is a knowledge base for urbanism, giving access to information from around the globe about urban interventions and their impact.

We aid an evidence based dialogue about urbanism, guiding cities, businesses and citizens toward environmental and social sustainability.

  • We make urbanism knowledge accessible through a special purpose search engine.
  • We reduce the cost and effort involved in urbanism desk research.
  • We simplify finding information about the measured impact of urban interventions.
  • We provide inspiration on how cities can reach desired outcomes.


In early 2021, Urbanixm was started by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson who wanted to combine his passion for sustainable cities and his background in information science, to build an urbanism knowledge-base that would make it easier for practitioners in the field to access information about the impact of urban interventions.

Fast forward to the beginning on 2023, after almost two years of work on user research, prototype development and numerous applications for funding, the Urbanixm project has been put into hibernation mode since we ran out of funds before landing on a financially sustainable product-market fit.

While we ponder the next steps, we are open to carrying out urban literature and data research making use of the Urbanixm knowledge-base and our spatial data processing competence.


Börkur Sigurbjörnsson


Information scientist with competence in software development, search engines, data mining and natural language processing.

20+ years of experience working in startups, academia, commercial research organizations and innovation accelerators.

7+ years working on urban information systems for urban planning and real estate.


Advisors and collaborators

We have assembled a strong international team of advisors and collaborators.

They come from the public and private sector with experience in shaping cities around the globe.

They bring in expertise in urban planning, transport engineering, economics, service design, and more.

Urbanixm has received support from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund